Thing completion formula

I am creating an app which will allow user to create multiple items. Each have various fields and when I display them, I want to display a percentage of completion.
Like, say this is for their car details, if they filled in everything I want to display completion = 100%. If they only filled the number plate & make they would get 20%.
The formula would be very simple, each non empty field would be counted. Basic percentage formula, but I don’t see how to do this with bubble.


Basically you have to Do a Search and count the items. After you have to compare the completed fields with the result of the search.

What you can to do it is make a custom state (number). Then “Input is changed” event if the input is not empty, it will add 1 to the custom state. If it’s empty, you subtract 1.

However, you need to do this per input.

You can check it here:

Thanks a lot, I’ll try it out

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