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Three images side by side responsiveness

I have three images side by side like so:

when the page is wide.
Then when the page is narrow, the images stack as I want them to like so:

But the problem is in between, they stack like so:

Any ideas as to how to prevent the in between stacking behaviour? I tried putting a max width on the right image but then it just stacks like this:

Which I also do not want, I only want the images to be either in a 1 x 3 grid or a 3 x 1 grid, no other combinations. And when they are in those configurations, they scale to take up the width of the page.

Any ideas?

I’ve spent many frustrating hours on this exact thing. The best ideas I have (that work for me) are

  • put a fixed width on all 3 boxes
  • put each box inside a group with margin on each side
  • make the righter most group fixed margin on the right - the other two center margin
  • all 3 are in a max width container

Screenshot 2021-09-23 at 12.58.13

It was lengthy trial and error to find this out :frowning:. I read a lot about responsiveness and it still seems so guessy to me.

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Thanks for the response.

I’m trying it out right now but the fixed width on all three boxes means that the boxes won’t stretch to fill out the page. Have you found a way to do it without the fixed width?

Also, putting the above aside for a second, I am trying to implement what you said but not getting it to work. When you say, make the rightmost box fixed margin on the right, do you mean the rightmost box or the rightmost group? I have tried both and they both still end up with 2 at the top and one underneath.

I meant group. I had absolutely no clue how responsiveness worked until I bought this book - which I recommend if you were starting from 0 like I was.

I still find it frustrating TBH.

I will definitely buy it. Thanks.

Sorry, but just to confirm. You said fixed width on all three boxes. Have you found a way to do it without a fixed width so they can stretch?