Time Calculator?

Hi, can you help me on how can i do a time calculator, what i want is i want to get the remaining time

ex. i have a thing called Time and has a field of Time Start, Time End and Remaining Time.

Time Start = 01:30am
Time End = 02:45am
Remaining Time = ???

how can i achieved this?

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You can use the
“Date & Time” (In)
“Date & Time” (Out)

Input > Date & Time (Out) - Date & Time (In) :format as minutes.

See image below, there is a plugin i think, you can use, so you dont need the dates.
There are prob other ways to achieve this, but this is how I do it.

Hi there,

To find the remaining time use

Start time:1:30am
End Time:2:45am
Hours= 1.15/hrs

To complete this use (End time - Start time)

hi all,

does it needs to based on current time to get the remaining time?

ok i solved this by creating an Air Time Picker ( End Time ) & Air Time Picker ( Current Time ) then add an Input Field as the Result Time initial content will be End Time - Current Time :format as minutes then add a workflow to refresh page every minutes so that Current Time picker will show the latest current time

Thanks to @danielolssontrbg87 and @ItsJustBusiness for the inputs

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