Time Display based on Timezone

Hey @marc2 ,
Could you please help me here? How did you capture the current time of other candidates here (see screenshot)?

Bubble stores the time according to the user’s timezone. So if you store my time in database and view the time, Bubble will convert the time from my timezone to your timezone automatically. So you can simply fetch their time and if someone in another timezone views it, it will be automatically converted.

Hi @sharma.himanshu0608 ,

Thanks for the quick response.
I did something like that but still, it’s not changing based on the current time.
I have a Page where we take user’s information to create their profile. There is a Search box on the page to select a timezone. I have created the fields in the table one of them is of the geographic address type where the user’s timezone ID will be saved and one of date type in which the user’s local time is saved based on the search box value.
But it’s not updating from time to time. What I really want is the user’s local time updates automatically, how can I do that?
I want this because I have to show that user’s local time on a different page.

Thanks in advance.

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