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Timer to activate things

Hi all,

I´m trying to make a “browser game” sort of.

I need a timer, for example, when the logged user click on btn “DO”, start a timer, a delay, so he can log off, close the browser. And when he gets back, if the time passed (like 15 or 20 min), it ill show him if what he done was Sucess or Fail, based on Randon numbers. And i´d like to show the remaining time for user as well, so he can know when to log in back.

Is it possible in this Bubble Builder?? Can someone help me?

You could create a database with a date field, when the user clicks the do button it will create current date. You could utilize that date by finding the difference from any other date. By searching for the date and subtracting current date, then you could match the difference with the required time (ex.15 or 20 min).

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