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ToDo List / Scratchpad

I would really like to see in the editor a simple Todo List / scratchpad.

I don’t know about you, but when you get that moment of something popping into your head and say ‘must remember to do that’ or ‘hmm, need to look into that idea’.

Nothing fancy, just a simple list and a yes/no completed check box and a delete button.

I was thinking along the top header, where you have “Edit | Help | Saved” you could pop it in between the Edit and Help.

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We almost have it, missing a search bar and multi-page search (anywhere).

Yes, that is notes on an element/page, but what if you haven’t implemented anything or had a brainfart of inspiration and want to note down future ideas etc.

Also, the existing comment thing doesn’t work correctly at the moment! If I click “See All (15)”, it only shows me 1 item.

Why not just use something like trello or todoist for this?

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That’s like saying, why not use a pen and paper…I would like it within the environment!!

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Hehe, not quite the same I would think :slight_smile:
My point was only that there are so many great todo apps out there which are web based,
and only one browser tab away.

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I know what you mean…I’m just having a moment. You know what it’s like, Sunday, Afternoon, Working, Just out a meeting, Sunstroke, Hungry, Tired and getting into hyper mode at going home on Thursday back to the land of sand and beer after 3 weeks away!

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