Toggle Yes/No Custom State

Just thought I’d share the solution in this thread:

by @J805

It’s a one-liner that uses “boolean algebra” to create an inverse function.

You can check out the full explanation on the linked thread/post.


Cheers and thank you to J805 for the solution

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Happy to help. :blush:

Damnit I wish I knew that, I made a form and it had 40 yes/no checkboxes so 80 workflows :angry:

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Not sure why this person shared this info AGAIN in this old thread as I shared it in earlier replies twice, @tylerboodman.

(Also, don’t feel bad about not having been able to figure this out. I literally tore my hair out for hours when I first started using Bubble. While I’m sure someone out there knew how to do it, the first mention of the correct method I’ve ever found is my own post here - way back in April of ‘18…

WTF is there no Boolean "NOT" Operator!?!?!? - #4 by keith )


Thanks @J805 for finding this solution!

@keith :smirk:


Nice approach