Too many clients

Hello everybody. Who wants to come into my team? I need a collaborator.
Context: I ask around 1000 euros for a WEB/MOBILE application and I have requests from companies almost every day. I don’t want to miss any opportunity. If you’re good enough to know how to configure an API, come with me and we’ll collaborate.
Max :slight_smile:


Hey maximilien, just dropped you a message!

Hi Maximilien,

I would like to collaborate with you.
Here is my portfolio -
I have experience with API integrations.

Bonjour! Tout va bien Max ? Je suis intéressé à en savoir plus. Je vis au Brésil. J’attends plus d’informations.

DM’ed you

excellent. Je suis en attente. Merci

Bonjour @maximilien.godeau.of!

Would a white label type of collaboration work for you as well?
(also sent you a DM)

Reach out, so we can work something out.