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ToolBox - JS to Bubble - doesnt work with iFrame

I have found that JS to Bubble (ToolBox) doesnt work if I define the HTML as iFRAME… any reason ? Also , if my HTML is not IFRAME , my 'SearchBox doesnt work with the Geographic search

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Javascript in an iframe needs to refer to its window.parent to access functionality on the Bubble page.

Thanks Mishav … not sure though what does this mean. How do I do that ?

Something like this @yaron.regev



Great !
It works !!!
Thanks heaps

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I’m trying to use WebRTC on Bubble without users downloading a third-party app (like Gruveo or Basically I want to allow a user to video chat with the click of a button. Is this what you were trying to do yaron.regev?


No … not at all.
I had a map in iFrame with some JS and I couldnt right to bubble DB without the solution that mishav suggested.

But… what is the problem you are facing ?

@yaron.regev could you share what you did as an example please( without sharing anything sensitive) im trying to work out how write back to bubble from an iframe with Toolbox.

as simple as that:


In your HTML (iFrame) add this function call where ‘runme’ equals to your suffix allocation on the ‘js to bubble’ entity and “blah” is the paramater (or value) you want to eight into the DB.

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