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Tracking referred visitors


Im fairly new to Bubble and have set myself a goal to create an affiliate program
management system.

Sales funnel is simply
Landing page > Qualify Quiz > Register

I want people to be able to…
Register as an affiliate
Get a custom link
See stats - visitors, registrations, sales (daily, weekly, monthly)

I think I can handle most of the functionality required.

The bit Im struggling to figure out is hot to track visitors and unique visitors to the Landing Page

Can I just create a new DB table/type and then create a workflow which on page load adds a record to this table of just affiliate code and visitor IP Address ?

NB IP Address is to be able to count unique visitors

Im assuming dates are handled automatically :thinking:

Am I on the right lines or am I missing something important ??

Thanks in advance

Hey David
You can use the ‘Current User’ thing to track sessions even when the user is logged out. In such cases, the Current User’s unique ID can be a sort of session id. Bubble assigns this unique ID every time a session starts and remembers it for at least 48 hours (from what I’ve seen).

I’m already using this property on some apps to track traffic, engagement etc.