Transfer of imported JSON data to Bubble database

I have an API integration, that collects the data from SQL Database, and returns them as JSON values through the API connector.

What is the best way to populate the table with those values - as refering to first item just converts one line, and other solutions ex. put all the values into one place in the table.

The best way to do this is with backend workflows where you have one workflow that makes the request to the api endpoint and the step after that schedules an api workflow on a list and the list is the response from the api. So this method requires creating two backend workflows.

Thanks for answer William!
Regarding the backend workflow steps - how to convert this data to the database - I am wondering how to do that part:

Meaning which step is that?


First Backend Workflow - “Create Thing in DB”

When you create the backend workflow make sure to use the provided space for key value pairs to list all the keys of the JSON object returned that you want to save to the DB and use the correct corresponding value types.

Action 1) Create a new Thing - map all the fields that you created for the data type you want to create in the data tab with the key values pairs just created in this backend workflow.

Second Backend Workflow - “API CALL” (or workflow on frontend triggered by button click)

Action 1) Make the API Request

Action 2) Schedule API Workflow on a list - here select the first backend workflow created “Create Thing in DB”. you will select the time to schedule it as Current Date and Time and it will ask for list to run on and you will say “Result of Step 1’s Response”. Finally you will map the fields to the key value pairs created in the first workflow.


Thanks William! Will try this out.