Triggering a workflow from an embedded page

Hi! :slight_smile:
I have a page with an embedded Storyline file - this is an e-learning authoring tool. The file is stored on a s3 server and is HTML5 iframed in the bubble page.
I need that when the user completes a lesson (in the embedded page) it will add it to his completed lessons list (on bubble db). I can trigger an order to run JS in the storyline file but I couldn’t find how this code should look like and if it’s even possible to trigger an API wf to the current user, without authentication and stuff.
Any ideas?
Here is the link to my bubble app so you can understand better what I’m talking about
Currently, only the user can mark a lesson as complete, and most of them don’t…

You can enter one of the free lessons.


You will probably need to develop a plugin in Bubble for achieving the functionality you are wanting.
Bubble’s plugins are Javascript based and provide you with some neat functionality to interact with their platform.

Check out this link to help you get started

Thank you Andrew :slight_smile: