Triggers in Parallel executation


I have a reusable element “Reserva_ComReusable (V2.0)” (Image 1), which calls 3 triggers.

Trigger 2 can be executed after trigger 1, and trigger 3 can be executed after trigger 2, that is, they must have a sequential order rather than parallel execution.

With “custom states” I get through by using the condition “only when …” of each “trigger” to makes this happen.

But when I call on my main workflow (Image 2) the “Trigger a custom event for a reusable element → Reserva_ComReusable (V2.0)”,
it will execute “Display data” before the “Trigger” is completely finished.

The Debug-mode is extremely confusing in these situations, i do not understand what is going on :slight_smile:

Is it normal for the “Display” to be executed before the trigger has ended?Any idea how to solve this?


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Yes the debug in this situation is super confusing. I get you.

Hope Bubble team will improve this.

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