Trouble logging user out through workflow API

I’m using my Bubble app’s API to log users in to a mobile app, then storing their token and using it for subsequent user API requests. However, when I attempt to log the user out through the API, it does seem to log them out (it returns nothing if I try to send back current user’s name, email, etc.) but the token itself is still working. Shouldn’t the token be revoked when the user logs out?

I am able to workaround this easily by just setting the stored token to null, but it seems like unexpected behavior for the token to keep working. Any ideas?


Do your tokens have expiration dates? That’s usually the case, that’s why you dont’t have to revoke them.

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I wondered if this might be the case, but yes, they return an expiration date of one year from the date they were issued. I’m pretty new to this so thanks for the info.