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TS viewer integration

I want integrate a TS viewer code in my bubble site but seems not work…why?

here the code generator i want to use

What are you trying to do exactly? Change the way elements are displayed? that goes quite against the way bubble works, it’s not too surprising it doesn’t work.

I just want to see a script in a html tag that is not possible?

which script are you talking about? The one that changes the hover effects?

No, I want with this generator to bring up a list of users from my TeamSpeak server. If i place this snippet of script in a simple < div> in a local web page at home it works very well. How do I make my script is displayed on a page of my bubble site?

A script should get run un run mode (not edit mode). If that doesn’t can you email us with the code and the location in the app, it’ll be easier to look into it.

ok thanks i send you an email with the code tomorrow.