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Tutorial Videos & Service Provider Marketplace

As someone who’s been a Bubble hobbyist for years I’ve watched as the platform has evolved from a truly no-code dream into a more powerful ecosystem that requires at least a little bit of knowledge on the coding side (APIs, JS, etc).

As that’s happened, it seems logical that reliance by new Bubblers on (i) this forum, (ii) tutorial videos, (iii) 1-1 coaching and (iv) third party service providers (contractors, freelancers, etc) has increased proportionally.

And while there’s no shortage of content, coaches or providers out there, it doesn’t seem all that easy to access it all in a consolidated format. Most of the paid videos are siloed and most searches for service providers seem to be done currently through the “Can anyone help with…X” post and response format.

With this in mind, has anyone built (or seen) anything that would allow hobbyists like me to search by keyword (e.g., API, Stripe, etc) to find (i) tutorial videos by multiple providers that address the keyword, (ii) available 1-1 coaches who specialize in helping people solve that problem for themselves and (iii) an Upwork-like list of third party service providers who can solve it for them?

If this already exists (in whole or in components), could someone point me it? If it doesn’t, is something like that valuable to the community - on both sides?

I don’t know of anything like this. I saw in the Freelancer category the other day that @talbotnar is working on a Bubble freelancer platform. Perhaps the two ideas could collide in some way. Bubble Freelance Platform - Looking for Freelancers

Thanks @jacobgershkovich,

And Brian, this is something I’ll keep in mind and might add to the platform.


NuCode by @joe5 has a learning center you could check out. I’m sure his list of resources will continue to grow. Other than that, I haven’t seen anything else out there.

Thanks for the mention @lantzgould!


We have a freelance marketplace to message freelancers from:

We’ll be adding 1-1 coaching to that soon as an option for filtering as well as to send messages to experts/coaches.

We now have about 1300+ users learning and building without code, and we point a lot of folks to Bubble as a great tool.

Stay tuned for new Nucode Expert features though! Hoping to bring on a ton more specialists for every no-code tool.

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