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Type Mismatch - And I Can't See Why

SOOOO Close here on getting the data in from the API. I wanted to try out a different way to just see the data first before doing the Backend Workflow. It’s not working either. I’m really struggling with getting data into Bubble.

I run the API call and it is returning a “list of numbers.” This is correct. I am returning a list of numbers. Inside my EmployeeSchedule “thing” (object) I have a TestListofNumbers which is set to type list of numbers. I try to assign them to each other and Bubble wants my API data to be a single number, not a list of numbers. How can I get all these numbers into Bubble?

^^^Here is the database with TestListofNumbers set to a list of numbers data type.

^^^Here is the JSON body set to type “number” since “list of numbers” is not available.

^^^ Here is where it all goes wrong. Type mismatch.

Even though the database is set to “list of numbers” it is forcing to expect a single number from the API. The API returns a JSON object with a list of numbers.

Also, anyone want a little side gig? I’d like to pay someone who works with bubble all the time to get this data into bubble. I’m running short on time. Thank you.

Using ‘Add’ lets you add just a single item (in this case a single Number) to the list.

To add a list (which is what you’re trying to do) use ‘Add List’ instead.

Good god. Such remedial help I needed on this one. ha ha ha.

Thank you very much. It’s sometimes just a mystery where to look for problems in bubble.

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