Type of mission in freelance?

Hello Everyone,

I am not sure i am in the right forum.
I discovered Bubble recently and now I took a training and I am developing an application in my field because some of my contacts could become clients.

Because I love that I recently discovered I really want to become a freelancer.

But it seems there are only MVPs on Bubble when they call you for a mission.

Am I wrong ?
If I am wrong what others projects you work on Bubble?

If you have some articles about testimonies, I am in :slight_smile:
Thank you

You can build almost any type of web application, and in a month or so. Bubble is launching mobile development.

Previously we need to wrap our app to make them available in app store or play store.

So to your question, yes you can use bubble for any type of app development.

And welcome to community

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can we build a video calling app?

Yes, i build one, integrating daily.co then I even used it to generate a text doc contain the conversation in text format

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Thank you @Baloshi69

Are you a freelancer ? If yes, do you have enough missions ?

yes, i am a freelancer, and for missions, i am actively searching. :wink:

It seems not so easy to be freelancer on Bubble:(

No, rather its a good life, we work when we want, and there are lot of opportunity, i was working with an agency i quite for a month or so to enjoy Ramadan, :smiley:

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On Bubble.io, you can bring any app idea to life. I’m currently developing a game app myself. When you refer to “missions,” you actually mean projects. I’ve been using Bubble.io for a year now, managing five ongoing projects. Discovering projects is your responsibility, but with Bubble.io, the possibilities are endless. You just need to learn various tips and tricks to ensure a professional look and functionality.

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Hey @Baloshi69 ,

You seem like a really experienced Bubble freelancer and I was hoping if I could bother you with a few questions if that’s okay? Just sent you a DM! :slight_smile:

Sure, love to help

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