UI Designer ASAP

Hi there.

We are looking for a UI designer that creates a UI for a pet app and integrate it on bubble.io.

Please, share some of your previews work related to the pet industry.

This could be a possibility to a long-term business relationship.



Not a UI designer, but are you sure you want to limit your applicant pool solely to the ‘pet’ industry? That might be a bit too niche.

We would love to help out. Although we don’t have specific experience with a pet app we do have a pet that we love.

Anyways, check us out on our site and check out our eLearning Hub for examples of our custom design work.

Hope we get to help out on this project! :blush:

Hi @ramasuarez,

I can absolutely help you with this. Kindly check my DM. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hey there!

I’ve been doing Bubble for a while now (5+ years) and design is my jam so would love to help with your pet app :fire:

You can find a bit more about my Bubble studio here - https://tinybuild.studio/

Feel free to schedule a call with me at Calendly - Paul Beresuita