UI / UX Designer Needed

I love Bubble and built most of the functionality I need. However, my UI / UX skills are lacking. I’m looking for someone to take my app and make it look pretty. Most of my workflows and screens are done and functionally working. This is going to be a mobile app for iOS so you must have experience designing apps for mobile. I can do the front-end dev in Bubble or you ideally you can do it.


I’m interested
I will send you a DM

Private message sent … Please check.

charliesalazar@gmail.com. U.S. California based. VERY good.

Do you have any apps published in the Apple App Store?

Hello! My name is Joao, I’m a no-code and low-code developer and a front-end programmer for over 5 years. I have several projects published on the App Store and I’m sure I can help you with that!

That sounds great. Can you send me links to the apps you have in the Apple App Store?


I think I can help making improving your UI/UX of your app - been doing Bubble and Design for 5+ years :muscle:t4:

You can find a bit more about my Bubble studio here - https://tinybuild.studio/

Feel free to schedule a call with me at Calendly - Paul Beresuita


Hello, I can definitely help. Check my portfolio website . Kindly feel free to reach out .