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UI / UX designer / Senior bubble developer available

I am a senior Bubble developer / UI and UX designer. And since a bigger project just ended for me, I am available to take either a short-term or a long-term project.

I have worked with bubble for more than 4 years and developed bigger and smaller applications with it. My biggest work is where I built the website, visual design, user experience and the whole big and complex platform. It has a very complex UI layout, which is my strong side. I’ve been helping other developers on this forum to build more complex UI solutions for them.

Since I have worked as a product manager in big companies and done trainings on agile development and scrum, I can also help you with maintaining a constant development pace and how we organise work tasks, roadmaps and releases. Something that can very much speed up the development time and reduce waste and cost of the whole project.

You can check my work out here: (all Bubble coding, UI and UX done by me) (just create an account and try it out) (visual design by me)

So I can help you with:
• Designing your application from ground up.
• Helping to scope the best MVP for your project. Not too little, not too much.
• Doing user research on the user experience - what actually works and what not.
• Based on the previous, building a user experience, that is logical, intuitive and easy to use.
• Building a responsive Bubble application with as complex UI as you need.
• Building complex workflows.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Offers to PM please.


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Hi Vaiko,
would you be interesting in joining our no code experts community?
We provide jobs for our freelancers on a daily basis and you get some perks if you bring us more project leads as well.
I’m available at [email protected] to hear more about you.
Thank you and talk to you soon!

Nice, but it comes up as an unsecure site.

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