Ukrainian startup - Insight.Me!

Hey guys!

My name is Mykola, I am the founder of the Ukrainian startup Insight.Me! (
We quickly match people for quality consultancy around the World :earth_americas: and build for that AI-based platform.

Our team is super in need of Bubble no-code developers help.

We are making a startup despite the war, we have found interested investors who are waiting for the MVP, which we have almost finished.

But power outages greatly undermine the process and our several developers cannot cope, because time is limited :cry:

If you or your friends can help to finalize the first release of the project - we will be incredibly grateful! (if you are abroad - then we are already fall in love with you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

What can we offer? Actually, not much now.

  1. Working case in the portfolio
  2. Reward from investments

There are eight of us, we are very motivated to succeed and we are asking for help.

Donations are different - this is your chance to help a promising startup πŸ₯Ή

Thank you!

I can help, what is that you need. I am a certified bubble developer by Airdev. But as i have other clients app, i wont available full time.

Hello Baloshi!

Can we make a short video call to discuss the details?
My email: [email protected]

About the part time participation - sure, it’s absolutely fine. Our developers work full time, but now it’s depends on if they have electricity to work.

So, I suppose when we unite our power we will complete th release in time!

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Its, fantastic i will message you a schedule link, see if you find a suitable time, els tellw when is suitable to you.

I will see, if i can be available on that time or not

Hello! Is the position still available? I would like to be part of your team!