Unable to add hours to a date on API workflow


I’m trying to do an hour selector similar to the Calendly one

In order to do so, I’ve thought to create a recursive API backend workflow where I take the start date/time and I add a variable number of minutes every time it runs and I store the ranges on a list.

That way, I would have a field called “Mondays” for example and inside I would have a list with date ranges.

The thing is that when I try to add minutes to the second argument of the range, it doesn’t give me the option of adding time (I think that’s because it thinks I want to add time to all the date range so it doesn’t give me the option).

Also, I’m opened to any other idea on how to do the calendly hour selector

I hope I’ve explained it well! Let me know if you need any more clarification and thank you for your time!

I’ve a plugin that’ll do this for you

see it in action here

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Check out the event booking page.

There’s at least 1 other plugin from @gf_wolfer and a template from @boston85719 that’ll do the same.

I’m making these suggestions, btw, because I’m assuming you need to filter Timeslot a within timeframes plus be filtered based on available or busy.


Thanks @jared.gibb ! ← he’s got a solid plugin as well :+1:

I do have a Plugin and a Template that can help here, you can check out some of the inner workings of the plugin and see some videos here: TopCal Plugin

You might be able to achieve this using the logic you are using, but you will likely hit some issues once you start to mix in multiple Time Zones (a User is on their computer in New York, but trying to set their schedule back at their office in LA type thing)

For the exact issue you bring up, it is an annoying thing in Bubble where you cannot put an operator on the second argument in a Date Range (or a number range). So you would need to calculate the End Time in another Action right before the Action you are showing, and then you can reference that calculated value in the Range example you showed

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Thanks for your answers @jared.gibb and @gf_wolfer, it helps a lot!

I guess both plugins work pretty well but since I have to choose one I’ll see which plugin is the best option for me and I will buy it

Yeah definitely, I think Bubble should have any option somehow to allow us to set an order of operations :sweat_smile:

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