Unable to create workflow to initiate Bubble DB Connector Action

Hey everyone,

I have a query set up using the SQL database connector to insert new records into a mySQL database. I have initialized and tested it to make sure records are being created.

I am trying to set up a workflow to create new ‘attributes’ in my database from bubble (workflows > data(things_ > query name), however, when trying to set up the workflow I am unable to define the values that should be passed into the action parameters. When I try to select the fields in the menu… it seems like the menu choices are unresponsive to my mouse clicks. I cannot click on any of the menu items at all… My values are collected using an input field and drop down.

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 1.54.08 PM

Other users were able to get this working (according to this post Write dynamic data to SQL DB - #7 by mishav) but doesn’t seem to work on my end. Can someone please help me determine if this is a bug or an error on my end?


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