Understanding the Bubble.io platform

I’m new to the bubble platform, and I’m trying to get a general understanding. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Apps are another term for something that has an API? Are templates something Wordpress users would call a plugin?

Can I have multiple templates, for example, a marketplace and a discussion board in one?

Hi @ian4,

Firstly, templates are pre-made sites, like wordpress themes. There’s a ton to suit almost any need.

Apps is just another term for application.

Bubble can be used to build anything from a simple landing page to sites like facebook.

If you want a marketplace with a discussion board in the same website than sure you can definitely build that. Bubble is a super powerful tool that allows you to build almost anything you want. There’s also a plugin marketplace with hundreds of plugins to add even more to your application.

If you’re just getting started I’d recommend; building and tinkering with random things, looking up tutorials on youtube and trying to follow along, reading the documentation (I’ve read the documentation a thousand times and still learn new things), and do the tutorials bubble provides as well as their new how-to-build stuff.

Thank you. I appreciate the knowledge you are sharing. So if I like 1 template (marketplace) and another template… (discussion board), is their a way to merge them?!

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