Understanding types and fields

I’m new and having trouble setting up my data.

I’m a real estate photographer. I have a thing called “House” , Each house has field called “Service” where I can add multiple services (photos, drone, video) and each Service has a price.

Can Service be a field for house but ALSO a thing which has a field for price?

Or should Service not be a field for house at all? (I think I can create an itemized receipt if service is a thing that has the house and price as fields. It just seems backwards in my mind. I feel like house should be the parent of service and service the parent of service price.

Any help in understanding would be appreciated - including links to basic videos I can’t seem to find the one I need.

Absolutely. A Service can be a “thing” in the database with its own set of fields; and Property (or House) can be a separate “thing” with its own fields - one of which could be a list of Service things. So yes, any field of a thing in the database can be either a single instance or a list of any other thing.