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Unique login for Bubble and the forum

We are merging the forum and Bubble login Tuesday, February 23. This means the forum will automatically recognize you if you are logged in to Bubble.

You might need to update your forum email. Please see below for details:

  1. If you signed up with the same email address for Bubble and the forum, you don’t need to do anything right now.

When you try to login from a new computer or browser, or log out of the forum, you will be redirected to login to Bubble. Use your Bubble email and password as usual and you’ll be sent back to the forum. Enjoy seamless login!

  1. If you signed up for the forum with a different email address than you Bubble account, you need to change your email address on the forum to the one you use to login to Bubble. Follow these steps to do so:

    1. Click your avatar image in the upper-right corner and then on the gear icon (Preferences)

  1. Click on the edit icon next to your email address and change it to your Bubble email

If you signed up for Bubble using Google Login, enter here the address associated with that Gmail account.

  1. Click “change” and check your inbox for the new email address and click the confirmation link.
  2. Enjoy seamless login between the Bubble site and the forum!

Whenever you want to change your forum password simply change your Bubble password - they are now one and the same!

If you haven’t changed your email address and we already switched to the new login (Tuesday, February 23), drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll do it for you. Please provide:

  1. Your forum email or username (both if you know them)
  2. Your Bubble email. If you have more than one, pick the one you’d like to associate with the forum.

​No need to share any passwords or other confidential information.

We’ll update your forum email to the one you use to login to Bubble and you will receive a confirmation link. Please make sure to click it to confirm the new address.