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Unique page for each type of device

I’ve hit a roadblock now that I’m trying to make my pages responsive and progress has ground to halt. Elements seem to expand well, but if I try to shrink the page, elements just get too messed up.

Rather than continue to struggle with the responsive builder, I’ve thought of designing a unique version of each page and redirecting users depending upon their page width. So when a user clicks a menu item, a conditional will check their page view and redirect them. Mobile will be 375px - 767px Tablet will be 768px - 1200px Desktop will be anything > 1201px

Some issues this method will create;

If a user is on a large screen and resizes their window, elements could break once the window goes below 1201px. I’m thinking at this point, I’ll just display a message which reads something like “Your browser is too small to properly display this site. Please switch to a smaller device or resize your browser.” .

I’ll lose out on brownie points from google for having a fully responsive site. I’m not too worried about this because only company managers and already-converted customers will be seeing these pages.

It will take more time to build these additional pages. It will take me less time to build these pages than it would working with the responsive designer.

Any other concerns I’ve overlooked? Would anyone be willing to share their thoughts on the matter?

Personally, I believe it’s worth sticking with the responsive tooling to make it work. It’ll become a nightmare to maintain in the long run, as you’ll now have at least 3 different pages to update all the workflows on. Quick question: have you watched the 30 minute tutorial video on the responsive engine? Many Bubblers are able to use the responsive features without issue, so it’s definitely doable and I’d argue easier in the long run. Just my two cents.