Unloading Bubble page

Dear Bubble Builders,

How can I unload a Bubble page? I’m trying to fire an event that triggers a redirect to a hosted login page. The alert says “Changes you’ve made are possibly not saved, are you sure you wish to continue?”

The redirect is working fine. Hope to get some feedback soon.

Have you tried including

window.onbeforeunload = null;

Let me try that right now

@jared.gibb it worked like a charm! :star_struck:

Thanks Jared


You must flag Jared as “Solution” :sweat_smile:

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That’s true, I will send a post request to Jared

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Hi @nocodeventure,

I was trying to build something like what you did here. Can you please share how you detect the page unload and trigger an event?

Thanks in advance!

Custom code it with a Plugin or script on the page that unloads the page using the command above. I can’t dive into the details as it should be clear from the information above.

Hi How did you solve that idea of page unload popup using that line? Can you please explain it in brief?