Unsplash + Imgix crop fill

Hey everyone!

I have the Unsplash API working beautifully (happy… for a Newby!).

The odd thing is, I can’t get Imgix to crop fill the images from unsplash. Uploading the images myself works, but pulling them from Unsplash doesnt.

Any tips here are very appreciated!

I assume you’re pulling the image url. If you put that text it in an group as the parent (RG in my example, so current cell, but same process), data type “IMAGE” and data source [your image url] (which is quite inconsequentially and image), you can put an image element as an immediate child and go “parent group’s image: processed with IMGX” and then check ‘resize to fit the dimensions by cropping’.

If not, it helps to show us what you have so far so we can help :slight_smile:


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