Update db data with API

Hello - looking for some help with an API/db question. I’ve tried and tried to figure this out; I’ve scoured the Forum and found related posts (below) but none had replies. I’ve Googled, YouTubed, NuCode, and more. Any input would be awesome.

I have an API for sports games that has nested values for the games. The data in the API updates two different ways:

  1. Each game has a game number, the first game listed is game 0, then game 1, etc. After game 0 concludes, game 1 becomes game 0 in the data, game 2 becomes game 1, etc.
  2. Data about a specific game updates throughout the week; for instance game 0 might have a point spread of 5 today, but tomorrow it’ll be 6.

Once a game is over, it’s gone from the API too

Here is a snapshot of the json

I can get the first run into the database for the games. When I run it again afterwards, it just makes duplicate entries. I need a way to run (several) times and have it look up the game by like the gameUID, and then just change certain fields, or something similar.

Any help/tips would be so appreciated.

Seconded… I need this functionality too

I’ll keep looking into it, but What’s up with the silence on this topic? Is it not possible with bubble, or are we overlooking something obvious?

I gave up on that api and am using a different, significantly more expensive, api now Would love to know and be able to switch back if it’s figured out

i’ll be working on it for my project… i’ll try to check back in if i get things running :heavy_check_mark: