[UPDATED] Ultimate Email Plugin - Drag & Drop Email Builder, Bulk Sending, Merge Tags, Multi-lingual, Easier content, AI writing, and more!

Drag and drop builder

We’ve made managing your email easier than ever in bubble!
No more need for multiple email plugins

  • Allow users to build custom responsive web safe emails directly in your bubble app
  • Send emails using Sendgrid, Postmark, Mailgun, and more to come
  • Bulk send emails to hundreds/thousands of addresses
  • Custom merge/display tags built in
  • Export HTML/JSON to send, save to edit later, or as templates
  • Export PDF/JPG for display thumbnails
  • Multi Language Support
  • Easy Setup
  • AI Text integration
  • Custom Elements/tools (advanced setup)
  • Works with any plugin or email sending provider that allows you to send HTML
  • Load custom fonts

What We’ve used it for:

  • Email building/sending in our CRMs
  • Admin Panel transactional email managment
  • Contract builder & Signature capture
  • Single Page Landing Page Builder (Link Tree style & sales page style)

Take it for a test drive
Preview: Bubble | No-code apps
Editor: Drag-drop-email-builder | Bubble Editor

How to setup

:one: In your app Settings - general - export option to add HTML attribute ID

:two: Drop builder element on the page & give an HTML ID of “editor”

:three: Add a button on page or action on load to “standard initialize builder” include unlayer ID if you have one.

:four: Setup flows using actions for your use case to export, save, send, etc.

Getting Blank Exports?

“Export” isn’t always instant and can take a couple seconds. To avoid saving blank values please add either a UX break between your export and save action similar to the demo OR add a pause action between export and save of at least 3 seconds.

This plugin is managed & monitored any issues are addressed within 24 hours

  1. Should you have issues setting it up please firstly refer to the demo page above.
  2. If you’re still having issues drop your questions in the thread below or private message me directly.

Need custom/advanced Integration or done for you setup?
Offered on a per hour basis. Schedule Below.
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Looking for a more advanced Drag & Drop Website, Email Builder, or Flow builder?
Message me directly to discuss what you’re looking for. Currently have 5+ other privately used options.


The editor link you’ve provided is the same as the preview.

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Fixed, thank you!

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Great stuff. Wow an email builder and a website builder on the same day. Bubble users are pushing the box


That’s the fun of it!

Dude, I just tested it. This is amazing. Well done. Can the interface itself be customized by the app buyer?

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I was looking at doing this with GrapeJs. I will check it out when I’m on a desktop but I may already have an app I want to use this on so well done! Second the question can it be customised? On top of that, can it be extended? Anyway, great job!!

In the current state, the builder itself can not. As you see from the editor the builder is actually only a portion of the interface, the send, save, templates etc are bubble managed.

In the near future I’ll be updating the plugin to allow CSS/JS customization of the builder itself as well!


We actually considered turning GrapesJS into a plugin, however, the interface of grapes can get a tad confusing for users if your target market isn’t technically inclined. In the current state Grapes will definitely allow more customization however is not quite as plug and play. Our goal with this was to give even the novice bubble devs a solution we’ve been looking for ourselves for quite some time.


@chris.williamson1996 Really impressive!

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Woah!! This is super cool!


amazing work thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice job, @chris.williamson1996! Great addition to the Bubble community


Wow! I’m reading this at 1am and instead of going to bed I need to try this out. This is sorely needed and thank you for making the effort to solve this problem.


@chris.williamson1996 - great !!


@chris.williamson1996 This is really exciting! You mentioned in your intro post :

How would one go about doing this? And to make sure I’m understanding correctly, would this allow users to build their custom profile page or store for example?

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Theoretically, yea. But will need some extra work on your end.

If you’re going for something like a store or recommended a more advanced builder like grapesJS.

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This is fantastic! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. Nice work.
How can I add dynamic text in the emails? For example, If i’m sending a newsletter email to a list of subscribers, how can I personalize the email and address the subscriber by first name? Something like “Hey {{first name}}!”


Currently the plug-in doesn’t support dynamics however this will be changing soon, however you can use find and replace when saving the JSON and/or HTML export.


Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll need to dig in more to see how to do the Find and Replace. It seems I need it to find and replace the first name for each subscriber upon sending the email.
Do you have a rough estimate on when you’ll add support for dynamics? Not to pressure… If it’s a few weeks, i’ll probably wait for that. If it’s a few months, i’ll probably look at a different solution.