Updating Plugins in Your Bubble App for 2024

Well, my app is in “Testing” so there is no new version to upgrade at all.

Maybe its just another bug with the label then? @henry.dowling

Oh yea didn’t see that yea maybe bug then :sweat_smile:

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Can we please update the docs on the plugin as well?

Hi Henry,

To increase user security when use a plugin, could you make the clientside or serverside in the plugin information as mandatory, please? Secret keys has been exposure when a plugin use clientside functionality.

Thank you,
Leo | Cybersecurity team

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Why is Amazon Web Services (AWS) planning to remove a certain feature that some Bubble plugin authors use for certain server-side actions?

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because it’s old

I press the “update now” button and nothing happens!

This is not something unannounced, it was known since april 2021 that node 16 was going to be a breaking change. See Simulating Plugin Editor in IDE -> context.async - #6 by dorilama


Any solution for this? It’d be helpful to be able to search where certain plugins are used in our apps.

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I can verify this claim. It only took the last 4 months to migrate my 10 plugins

Dev time: 10 minutes


is that including testing? It also depends on what api you use. I found that the documentation was wrong on a specific thing (see here) and had to speak to support to confirm if the docs were wrong or if it was a bug. Support was relatively quick but between everything it was a lot more than 10 minutes.


I agree for short codes, I disagree for lengthy codes.
Depending on the original code structure, you might migrate from chained statements to non-chained ones.Not withstanding if you were in a recursive data processing.

And that, takes much more than 10 minutes…


Thanks to Bubble, the amount of chargeable work I can do just tripled :laughing: