[Plugin Migration Update] Planned brownout notice: April 3, 2024

Hi all,

We previously conducted a brownout on March 12th, 2024. This thread has been updated in preparation for a second brownout on April 3, 2024.

I’m Henry, a product manager working on plugin migration and cleaning up our plugin ecosystem.

Here’s our latest update on the API v4 plugin migration that may affect some of your apps starting April 3, 2024:

What to expect: Beginning at 10 AM ET on April 3, 2024, we will temporarily run all plugin server-side actions on AWS’s node 18 runtime. This will last for six hours. That means that any plugins with server-side actions that you haven’t updated to the latest version might start to experience functionality issues during this time. You can follow the latest updates on our Status page.

This is a planned brownout that will help us “ease into” the deprecation. If you notice that something temporarily breaks on Tuesday, you’ll have until April 10th to update it before the deprecation takes effect permanently.

Thanks so much for your flexibility and patience during this time.

If you run into any issues during this brownout that you think are plugin-related, please reach out to the plugin author.

Quick refresher on how to update your app(s):

  1. Go into the plugins tab of your app.
  2. For any plugins marked as needs update, change the plugin’s currently installed version to the latest version in the currently installed version dropdown. If there are plugins that are marked as deprecated, uninstall that plugin and find an alternative on the marketplace.
  3. Test out your app’s functionality with your newly updated plugins to make sure everything still works as you expect. You can use the app search tool to find places in your app where you use affected plugins.

Here’s a recap of the previous communications about the migration:

We also included information about this change in our monthly Community updates for January, February, and March 2024.

What’s next:

By April 10, 2024, AWS will phase out support for these plugins, and these plugins’ server-side actions will be permanently deprecated.

Thanks again for your patience as we work to improve our plugin ecosystem! Let us know if you have any questions that aren’t covered in the FAQs for users or for plugin authors.


@copilot - Will your plugins be ready for this?

@hi.luisacosta It is better to check your specific plugins used if there are any warnings

Hey Tyler, the Copilot Twilio plugin was updated but is now broken. So it won’t show up on your plugin list if you’re on that latest version - even though it doesn’t work.

I’m testing and will probably use @ZeroqodeSupport 's Twilio plugin for now. Seems to be up to date and working !

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Any updates to transfer @copilot plugins to another developers maybe @henry.dowling ?
As of today their plugin is still used in many of our apps and still not working a few days before the migration that will cause downtime for our live and paid users.

I thought late plugins will be passed to other developers? If necessary we can definitely help taking over or I’m sure @ZeroqodeSupport/@levon would be happy to do so as well!
It literally takes a GPT prompt to fix them all… Maybe Bubble could force the upgrade for highly-used plugins?

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Good questions. FYI - The zeroqode twilio plugin works just as well but only supports the SMS action. Probably can move to that one for now.

taking ownership of another plugin without consent from the author has some copyright implications I guess


yes, we’d be happy to take over any outdated plugins and update + maintain them.
We offered that to @bubble some time ago - not sure though if this is a pass they will choose


Of course!. The vast majority are already up to date and we’ve got just a few left to clean up. :blush:


I appreciate the response! The twilio plugin is “up to date” but has a bug that doesn’t allow SMS to send

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th epostmark plugin doesn’t send attachement since !


It looks like batch emails aren’t working either in the postmark plugin by @vini_brito. They were working yesterday, so I have to assume it’s related…?

Ooooooof if things snuck through like this :roll_eyes:


Is it normal that during this maintenance time the Bubble editor no longer works at all + all my applications unavailable ?

In the editor I have many error messages in the console for example:

  • Attestation check for Topics on https://bubble.io/ failed.
  • Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 () /appeditor/calculate_derived:1
  • Unexpected server error: please report the code parameter to the team

Thank you for your quick response.

@henry.dowling Should this impact the API connector? We’re having issues with this not working.

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i’m also seeing issues with the api connector initializing calls. i get a 500 fatal error which doesn’t appear to be the issue of the external 3rd party service I am connecting to.

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No API calls from Bubble are working right now.

Hi @bubble41 @andy.i could you please file a bug report? Thanks so much! This isn’t expected behavior from the plugin brownout.

Same Im having the same issue.
My app is completely down and all my users can’t access the app due to this issue.

any idea of an eta of when this is going to be fixed???

bug report submitted.