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[Upgrade to Bubble Version 21] Improved Runtime Performance

Hey @nickc

Will the hidden inputs that made calculations still work with this update?

For example, we have a bunch of hidden inputs that calculate prices, sum of things, etc. Will them still work?

Thanks a lot.

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Thanks @nickc , It is working fine now.


So, I was wondering if this also maybe changed how internal page changes to the same page were handled? Before, when I redirected to the same page with different page parameters / paths, it didn’t actually “Refresh” the page. It seems as if that is no longer the case, as now as I browse my site, it seems to fully refresh, and my audio player resets. Luckily autoplay kicks in and will throw it back on, but there is a 4ish second gap.

I haven’t even updated to this new version yet, but this issue has just recently popped up.

We did also move where the Media player is stored to a reusable, so I’m wondering if that could also be the cause. I don’t know.

Adding onto this, it seems the issue may be on my audio player. I just did some testing, and it seems the visuals think the audio player is still playing, eliminating the idea that the header is actually refreshing. So ignore this entire post, I need to find a new audio player.

I have quite a few hidden inputs doing calculations across my app and they all still function correctly, and I’ve been on the experimental build since it was available, so in theory yours’s should be fine too.


Hey @bcart0v

Thanks a lot for the info.

I was using the experimental feature before the new release, so I had already solved any issues caused by the new performance features before the release. Haven’t had any issues with upgrading.

I did have an issue caused by the color field bug, but that is now resolved.

This is yet another example that underlines the desperate need for more proactive communication from Bubble outside the forum.

I have exactly 0 emails from Bubble about this release, the updates to the color fields, or anything else that they’ve done in the past that caused breaking changes. (The timezone override feature is still a particularly fresh wound).

I’ve suggested before that Bubble needs to also release a Bubble Admin mobile app, with uptime and usage monitoring, as well as push notifications for updates, releases, max capacity events, etc. Probably never going to happen, but it would be helpful.

It really is simply shocking that they are only making breaking change announcements in this forum. That may have worked when Bubble was just a small startup, but that’s not the case anymore. There needs to be multi-channel outgoing communication about changes like this.


Yes, hidden inputs that are there just to do calculations will not be impacted.


Thanks for the confirmation @nickc

This is a great idea. like a reverse 911

Just wanted to follow up on this – is the bubble version number able to be reversed?

I did and it looks like it was unrelated and fixed yesterday with another release:
" 1/10/23 15:41 Fix for invisible children of animating elements being shown sometimes"

Yes - I’d really appreciate announcements via email, I don’t think people should be expected to trawl the forum in detail daily just to keep abreast of critical operational information.

Although some of us might kind of do that hey @mikeloc :rofl: - my point is that it shouldn’t be necessary.


As I always say, @equibodyapp, it’s a sickness, and I’m getting help. :slight_smile:

I certainly do know what’s going on in real time, though. Hmm, maybe I should start some sort of bat signal/emergency broadcast service that folks can subscribe to, and if that thing lights up, you know sh*t’s goin’ down!


I did not read through the forum above so perhaps this was already mentioned but upon upgrading I had issues with the Stripe.Js 2 and Google Maps Extended plugins that rendered our application virtually unusable so I had to revert right away. I’m hoping that version 21 will not be forced on the application at some point otherwise I’ll be in a very tough spot. Posting this in case it helps someone else using these plugins. (Also these bugs were found within 2 minutes of testing… I didn’t even bother testing beyond that as it was unusable)

Hi, I just ran some tests and it seems like pre-fetching is not affected (at least in the context of both my published tutorials)

This is because, in both cases, elements are actually made visible to the user and are therefore loaded.

Hi, I scanned this post to see if anyone else has encountered the issue I’m seeing and maybe missed…

I’m running into an issue where the responsive engine randomly doesn’t fill to the bottom of the page (gap between the round icons. Those are my laptop icons, but not the left green arrow button). Also interesting, is that sometimes it looks like an ~25px gap, then other times ~50px gap. Weird. It happens on every page. I’ve had 0 issues with the responsive engine until I upgraded to Version 21. Please see the 2x screenshots and advise. Thanks!!
Screenshot 2023-01-12 6.57.36 PM
Screenshot 2023-01-12 6.57.06 PM

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Hi, The same here. Something bad happened after upgrading to version 21.

I had a floating nav bar at the bottom. After upgrading to 21 I am getting cut off of when viewing on laptop or desctop.

I use Dimensions Extention on Chrome to do some measurements on my app, but now it seems it can not do it’s job.

I reverted to version 20, but for now seems the problem still there.

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Some of our comments have been ignored and a satisfactory answer is not yet there on this.

@nickc and @kathleen you need to guide us here on what do we do here. We can’t check plugin codes and confirm whether they will work fine or not. We can’t be expected to go through full of our apps’ functionalities to see if all is working fine or not. No one can practically do that. Dependency on element and its ID being available is high in many cases. You can’t brush it off like this and make this a mandatory upgrade for us.

Make this functionality optional for a page or element or something like that. Don’t just say that from this version all pages and all elements will behave like this and we have no control at all!

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Just humbly chiming in here.

I noticed that lots of people having issues involve apps using extensions, more so than plugins.

I make extensive use of hidden elements, element IDs, CSS, scripts and run JavaScript pointing to element IDs in my apps and am fortunate to not run into any issues at all.

I just want to point out that I use native Bubble elements to handle these processes. Unless you use plugins for everything, one should always be ready to troubleshoot or anticipate problems occuring with plugins and updates.

Unfortunately that’s just the nature of development; code or no-code.

Hence why i will always try to do things as close to Bubble native as possible or use a plugin first but then build a more native solution.

IMO the safest bet for advanced webapps is to run your own JavaScript or in my case ask my good buddy ChatGPT.

This is coming from someone who barely knows JS syntax but can read JS.


maybe its good to have a system similar to wordpress, where you have something like “tested untill version x”. Where a plugin dev has to confirm it works for a certain version or you get an message that plugin x might not be compatible?