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Upload Binary data using API Connector

Hey guys,

I need to upload a file to API service to be converted. I have not idea how to perform this in bubble, but I have great success in postman Binary.

Any idea how I can perform this?

P.S. I know I can provide an URL for cloudcovert so it can fetch the file itself, but the problem all of the files uploaded are private.


Second that.

Have the same exact issue with the WRIKE API. Have to send attachments through “–data-binary”… No solutions in Bubble. And “raw” is not acceptable. I tried everything! I base 64 encoded the image and sent it - To no avail.

Fairly big limitation in the Bubble API Connector.

Have you found anything since then?

Nope nothing

We have the same issue now with one of the APIs that requires the file to be sent in binary via POST.
It’s currently not clear how to send the binary payload via the API connector.

Any advice or assistance from the team, please? @emmanuel
We’ve tried a lot of things, but none were successful so far.


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No idea if this will help, but it looks like you’re supposed to specify “applicaiton/octet-stream” for binary data.

“Content-Type: application/octet-stream”

I need this capability as well. I’m trying to create a file on Google drive. See here.

@emmanuel, is there a way to do this, or are there plans to add this functionality?

@shot What you may be looking for is here: [New Feature] File option on API Connector plugin

Thanks,, but as best I can tell, that won’t work in my case. Google’s API endpoint expects the raw image data, which is all I have. I don’t have a URL pointing to an image file.

@AliFarahat Have you had any workaround for this issue?

It’s also a problem for me, somebody know if someone found a solution?