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Upload files to s3 bucket from backend workflow

I want to send files to my s3 bucket via a backend workflow.
Does anyone have an idea how to do this?


Hello @maru

Look for @ZeroqodeSupport plugin. Search for Fileuploader AWS.
You need to be on a pay plan.

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Hey @JohnMark Thanks for the fast reply.

The AWS Fileuploader plug in runs client side only, so it unfortunately doesn’t work for Server side / backend workflows.

Any other ideas?


You can setup a backend API to send the files over to s3. You can also do this With wasabi or azure file storage. Look for the s3 rest API documentation and setup your own ap with bubble API connect.


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Hi @gilles Thanks for the input! That’s what I feared.

I tried to implement the API using the S3 api documentation, but I cannot figure it out. Did anyone manage to do this before using bubble’s api connector? Would be super helpful to see how a working setup is configured.

Thanks! :pray:

Hi @maru,

Your best bet is post a screen shot of your current setup (block your api key) and allow the others to guide you on what to fix.



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I looked into the authorization part of S3, and I am wondering if you can create the signature key using bubble without plugins.