Urgent! need contact to bubble!

Does anyone know how to get in contact with the Bubble team out of office hours? I have a major issue with data loss and the database restore function does not work!

Bug Report the best. They are sometime (or often) working during weekends. Hope your problem will be solve Soon!

Thanks, I already did!

But I am really in deep trouble, so I hope I can get into contact with them.

Hallelujah, the recovery function seemed to work after many attempts. It seems my data is back!

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But my Scheduler does not work, so it’s not all good :frowning:

I fixed your scheduler. Restoring a database pauses it… it should resume when the restore finishes but it looks like it got stuck somehow.

(I’m actually working on code to change that because I think by default restoring should not restore the scheduler state as well).

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Thanks, everything seems to work again.

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