Url JSON data for the GET call

I know we can get a single row (JSON) from this URL below:

result for example:
“response”: {
“Created By”: “admin_user_wms-lmf_test”,
“Created Date”: “2023-03-28T18:49:00.744Z”,
“folder-id”: “test-0328g”,
“Modified Date”: “2023-03-28T18:49:00.744Z”,
“warehouse”: “1665672317633x321841022720278500”,
“_id”: “1680029340744x204947037619140450”

folder-id: “test-0328g” is the data I want, but if I don’t know the UID value, how am I able to get it?
is there a way to find the UID from outside bubble.io?
something like:

Its available here in the manual


Basically, you will need to make a get request with this URL

GET https://appname.bubbleapps.io/api/1.1/obj/typename?constraints=[{ "key": "folder-id", "constraint_type": "equals", "value": "test-0328g" }]
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I tried to use
to update a record, but it seems that
if I only put one field in it:
CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS => array(‘ref_nbr’ => ‘AE003’),
it will automatically update all other fields to blank value.

how to solve the issue?

Refer to the docs. Use PATCH instead of POST