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US PRIVACY SHIELD Defunct What now?

Resulting from the EU Court ruling, US Privacy Sheild is invalid.

What measures now protect EU data being held on Bubble US based servers??

Can advise Bubbe App owners
The author here is resident in EU and asks on behalf of application created and used by EU users.
Will some kind of SCC be applicable as a result?


Really important question - what now? :frowning:

We need hosting in the EU!


yup @Bubble any update on this issue would be greatly appreciated by the EU folks!!

Wow! I was not expecting that.

Please team Bubble, can you tell us something? This thread comes from long time ago: Bubble app on Europe (EU) server located

Thanks a lot for your time!

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Hi all,

This is literally breaking news from this morning :slight_smile: We’re checking in with our lawyers to determine what this means for us and what next steps we can take. This impacts a lot of companies like Bubble who are US-based but do business in the EU / have EU users, so I suspect there will be a time period needed for the legal industry to figure out the implications.



Please keep us posted. Thanks for the response! :blush:


I was just going to post this question… clients are wondering if we can host our apps in europe… would be great if we could do that with non-dedicated plans.



This would be nice.

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Hi Allen,

As you look into this issue, perhaps you would consider allowing users to choose from the different AWS regions available - US, Europe, India, Australia, etc.- would allow several bubble apps to lower their basic ping rates :slight_smile:


This is a big problem for new apps as well as existing apps that deal in any way with European data. While I understand this impacts a big variety of services (think basically all the integrations you have in your app, from OneSignal to Sendgrid, stuff like Parabola but perhaps even Google services), we are in a particular tricky situation with Bubble not having any option to move into a EU server yet.

Also in terms of doing work for clients, in regard to dealing with EU data this is a big slippery slope.

While having EU Bubble server to choose from will help, it will not completely fix the problem and it could still very much mean that some BUbble apps may not be GDPR compliant even when the data is stored on a EU based server.

However, I hope that this project (from the last monthly update from @josh) will now be prioritized as it seems that at least starting a new app on a different server location is almost realistically doable. And that in general is something that is long overdue.

This is from the last monthly update:

I’m sure Bubble is all over this currently, but getting some updates would be greatly appreciated. And keep in mind that this is not just affecting EU businesses…


Hi all,

Wanted to give a quick weekly update on this topic.

We have been discussing this with our law firm. The CJEU’s decision to invalidate Privacy Shield is pretty momentous - and, unfortunately, unexpected. The current stance we’ve been hearing from the legal industry is that the decision invalidates a common way for US firms to satisfy GDPR personal data requirements without providing a clear indication of what would be an acceptable substitute for those requirements. Here’s a blog post from our law firm describing the current situation.

There are some alternatives that the post suggests, e.g. using the Model Clauses as an alternative basis for this data transfer, which we’re looking into with our lawyers. However, I think it’s fair to say that at this point (4 days in), everybody previously using Privacy Shield and their lawyers are still in the “figuring it out” stage.

We do view this as an important question to resolve given the importance of data privacy. However, this is not an area where we can really just go and “do it” on our own :slight_smile: Thanks all for your patience; I’ll keep updating this thread as things unfold.


I appriciate you taking this seriously. It would be nice to know how far we are from hosting apps in Europe and is it an alternative to solve this issue?


Aside from a dedicated subscription, we aren’t very close to it right now. However, if there turns out to be no more expedient way to satisfy GDPR requirements, we’d turn to evaluating all kinds of options…


just as a data point, I’m evaluating the stack to implement for a EU administration partner. We previously mentioned Bubble as an option since shield was OK compliance regarding GDPR. Now it seems that Bubble is simply out of the equation sadly.

Really worried about this topic. I hope there is a solution soon. Lately, I feel as if I can’t launch, so many stoppers, afraid 1 years work will go down the drain.

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Following topic. So many laws :sob: just to have a website nowadays. It used to be so easy, now… GDPR, CCPA, this…So much to keep up with as online founders. Who would have thought it would be so hard to keep up with.


From what it looks like, there will be no grace period this time:

Which means we’re in need for a fast solution here. :frowning:



Hi Allen,

From what I have been able to investigate, this is a business critical issue for EU customers.

Can you tell us something about the steps Bubble will take to deal with this situation?



I agree, Im also eager to understand the future steps. Situation is getting a bit tight as the deadlines are incoming and that’s only for new projects. I have existing one which is live and I’m being pushed by GDPR team to explain what we’re going to do.