Usage limitation

Hi, I need your help.
I am playing with Bubble and OpenAI and I am just scratching the surface for now (beginner level).

My intention is to build an AI-Writer, available for free.
Any advice on how to limit usage per month maybe or daily (without an account)?
Should I consider adding users to the app, even if it will be free?

Thank you!

Yes, use the user.

Limit the number of text that will autogenerate using your AI tools.

Keep the history of the generated text, map to the user so that you can restrict the user.

Ankur@ Nocodetalks
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Ankur1, thank you for your reply.

Would be a solution, somehow, to limit this with session/cookie, daily? So, I do not need a user? As you see my preference would be to implement without a “user”. Not sure it’s possible or what would be the exact challenges.

If you don’t want to do with “user”, do via the session storage or local storage.

Hi, do you recommend any tutorial to implement this user limitation?