Use a hidden group to reserve space in the editor

This is a trick I’ve been using a lot. When I build groups I leave a lot of empty space in them. Later, if the stuff inside the group needs more space, I don’t have to rearrange everything on the page. But the empty space will show up in the app.

So I put a “filler” group into the empty space, hide it, and set it to collapse when hidden. It leaves the extra space in the group in the editor, but the app doesn’t have any wasted space.

Like in this case I’ll probably add more items of information later. So I left space for them.

A related tip is that you don’t have to make text elements big enough for all the text in the editor. They can expand to show all of their text, so they can be really short in the editor; just enough to place them on the page relative to other elements. All of the text elements here are a single line tall in the editor but several lines tall in the app.

So the actual app looks like this.


Nice work :slight_smile:

We really need some sort of Wiki for these tips!

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