Use bubble as WebUI only

I am trying to build a SaaS application whose backend I’ve completed in golang and hosted in an aws instance.
It exposes apis like-

  • /signup → To signup a user
  • /login → Returns access_token and refresh_token with JWT tokens to be used in all subsequent API call.
  • /refreshtoken → to refresh JWT access_token without prompting for username/password.
  • /inventories → returns the list of items to be displayed on the main dashboard page.

I have created the signup and login page in the However, one thing is still not clear to me that how to add workflow to call my backend API in the login page flow?

What is the right way to do that? I was trying to refer the docs, but this part is not very clear.


You need to install the API Connector plug-in.

Bubble is not a good choice for this though - use WeWeb if you’re solely using Bubble as a front-end, because WeWeb beats Bubble in front-end in every respect.


Thanks georgecollier for the response.
I’ll explore weweb

Could you help me to understand why we web is better within this scope? Would you agree to say that to scale this should be a good option?