Use field of selected data type?

Working on my first plugin - It’s a calendar scheduling tool. It’s going good but I can’t figure out one thing…

How can I make a data input field from a selected type of data? Don’t know if that is a good explanation lol, so allow me to give you an example - The calendar plugin built by bubble.

After choosing your type of data, it shows more fields for start time and end times. Is there something obvious i’m missing here or is it not possible?

Had been trying to figure this one out for a while… Turns out it was a glitch all along! :upside_down_face:

A glitch in what? Explain.

type_of_thing in the plugin editor was set to App Type. In the app editor, the dropdown didn’t show up.
I created a new App Type called type_of_thing_2, and in the app editor the dropdown showed up.

Not really sure why the dropdown didn’t show up the first time.

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