Use "_" or "-" in page names?

Hey guys. In a general context of URL redability and SEO, is it better to use underscore “_” or hyphen “-” in page names? Does this affect anything?

Thanks in advance.

When it comes to SEO and URL readability, it is generally recommended to use hyphens instead of underscores in page names. Hyphens can make URLs more readable for both search engines and users. For instance, a path like ‘/my-page-name’ is easier to understand than ‘/my_page_name’.

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If you’re going for SEO I’d high recommend reading most of search console docs to understand how Google will see you and what their best practices are.

Rich content will also help.

(Link keeps going to Chinese site when posted in forum, may need to google it yourself)

I don’t know your app type so can’t give specific examples but search console docs will help you a lot.


Thanks @chris.williamson1996 and @melaris !

Here’s the English version to that page- very helpful btw, thanks!


Thank you :raised_hands:

@Lumyna heres the section on link structures