📹 Useful Tips for No-Code Entrepreneurs

Hello, Bubblers!

We’ve collected some helpful tips for you on how to set no-code business. Check out these videos from industry experts to boost your creativity and build own no-code project :slightly_smiling_face:

Vlad Larin (Zeroqode): 3 Main Answers after 5 Years of Zeroqoding

Vlad Larin, an industry expert and co-founder at Zeroqode with his presentation:
3 Main Answers after 5 Years of Zeroqoding.

  • How to earn money in the no-code world?
  • Where and how to find customers? Where not to look for customers?
  • Scaling and growing your no-code business 10x.

Mariam Hakobyan, (Softr): How to Fundraise for No-code?

Mariam, Co-Founder and CEO of Softr - the easiest no-code platform to build websites & web apps on Airtable, with a mission to make software building more accessible and inclusive. At the moment of recording Softr has just secured $2.2 million. Recently they also raised $13.5M Series A.

  • No-code vs code?
  • Who is no-code for?
  • How does fundraising for no-code startups work?

Interview with Doc Williams: How to Create a Brand

Take a look at our great chat with Doc Williams (CEO of the Brand Factory). Doc joined us to discuss building and finding your voice and brand on social media.
He also highlighted the 3 fundamental points to remember while creating content and your personal brand on social media.

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