User authentication with http cookie

I’m currently building an add on app for a SAAS company that is already up and running. They already have a database with all their users and other information. The current site is hardcoded and to access the data in Bubble we are going to use the API connector. The problem is that the current authentication of a user is done with a secure http-only cookie stored on the client-side when making API requests.

If we can make client-side API calls the server will automatically authenticate with the cookie from the user being logged in on the current site. Is there a way that we can use this cookie for authentication to make the UX seamless between the two apps?

@StarrK_Designs any progress with this question?

Running into something similar. Thanks!



I talked with the bubble engineers and it is not currently possible. You will have to find another way around this issue.

Hi @jack211 @StarrK_Designs , 2 years later I came up with the same problem. Were you able to solve this ?