User interface to edit database

Currently I am building an interface for a user to edit elements in the app database.
The database consists of different elements that can have 3 parameters I want allow the user to edit.
It can be text, list of links or list of attachments.

To edit text data it is easy, as I just do a search for the point I want the user to be able to edit and give auto binding on an multiline-input field, so he can change it anytime needed.

But how to create a field that will display all the links and attachments (files), that they will be easily editable by user?
Input fields do not work properly with that type of data.
What would you girls/guys recommend there?

Are you asking what type of input to use for multiple items? Or what?

Hi Adam.
I have solved the issue. I agree the description wasn’t precise. I am using the repeating groups, where I gave button to delete record and below the input field to add a record. Similar way I changed the files editor but with upload button.
Thanks for help!