User is forcefully redirected to login page after Google OAuth2.0

I have integrated Google OAuth2.0 into my application and it works successfully to get user credentials and sign up for a new account.

However, if my user tries to go to any other page than ‘login’, say ‘dashboard’, they are forcefully redirected back to the login page.

I have tried both methods of redirect URLs i.e redirecting URL back to login and handling it manually and using generic api/1.1/oauth_redirect. Both yields the same result!

I have tripled to ensure everything matches the GCP cloud console and plugin configurations.

This issue is not present if users are signedup with email and password. Only for users signedup with Google faces this issue

What am I doing wrong? Anyone facing similar issue?

@arcadiahms hard to see what could go wrong based on that post only - can you share a link to the login page?