User-Point Reward System

I have an e-commerce, and for every sale, I want my users to be rewarded with points that are worth equal to a cent (as an example). The points are at a later stage used as a cut of a price or the trade for an item.

Here’s the needs.

  • For each bought item in a store, I want the user to receive an customized amount of points.
  • Each point is equal to a cent.
  • The user have the option to use those points in their next buy.

^Is it possible to create reward systems in bubble? If so I’d appreciate if someone could teach me step by step.

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yeah, it’s completely possible. i can help you make it. I’ll message you if you’re interested

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Hi @jonliels

SparkDev is an experienced developers team who can help you with your app.

I’ve sent you PM with details, please check and write back to me.

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Hi. New to bubble. I would also like to know how make reward system where they earn points which they can spend.

Just a quick guidance on one way to approach this:

  • Create a thing in the dB called points with a number field and a purchase thing
  • Every time there is a purchase create a points with the necessary points (math needed here) and referenced to a purchase
  • Create the UI in the different parts of your app where you need to display this
  • Consider triggering an email informing the buyer that points were credited and what their balance is
  • … Of course it gets more complicated than this … (prizes, redemptions, etc etc)



@cmarchan thanks. let me try it out

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